Daniel Hadaway's FamilyThe most important thing to know about me (and what I’m most proud of) is that I’m a husband and father first. Throughout my drumming career, I’ve made some pretty crazy decisions due to my wife and son being top priority. But a drumming career or success would mean nothing if I wasn’t surrounded by people that I love.

OK, now on to other things that I’m also proud of:

I live in Nashville, TN and I’ve worked on over 300 recording sessions in my career. Some of them ended up on albums you might have heard of, and many of them are ones you haven’t!

I’m probably best-known in many circles as the drummer for Grammy-nominated duo All Sons & Daughters. I’ve also been the touring drummer for many other artists like Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James, Stephanie Smith, The Rival and others.

I’ve created a list of some albums/projects that I’ve worked on at the bottom of this page, so scroll on down to that section if you’re interested.


Another pretty cool thing that I’ve got going on is that I’ve partnered with Zildjian Cymbals on the release of their Worship Pack of cymbals. It’s pretty cool to walk into a music store and see a picture of myself on a box of cymbals from a company that I’ve almost exclusively played since I was a kid!


A&F Drum Co.

I proudly endorseĀ A&F Drum Co. They make simply the best drums I’ve ever played. They’re one of the VERY few companies that actually make their own shells- and every drum is a work of art. Please check them out and let them earn your business. Ramy and friends at A&F are a top-notch family and I’m so happy to partner with them!


Worship Musician Magazine

I’ve been a regular columnist for Worship Musician Magazine- focusing on tips, tricks, and techniques for a new generation of drummers that are getting most of their drumming experience in churches. Playing drums at church is a great honor and also a great way for drummers to get experience that in many ways is like a pro gig. So it’s my privilege to get to communicate directly with thousands of musicians every month in my column in Worship Musician Magazine.


Resources for Drummers

My biggest passion is providing resources, training, and overall help to other drummers who want to become professional drummers. I’ve had a unique experience in my career- I’ve actually started from scratch and built a fulfilling career in music, lost everything, started over from scratch, and built a career in music all over again! So I’ve actually achieved my dream TWICE! I think this provides me with some unique perspective on how to build a career in music- and I want to share that with you!

I host a podcast called Drummer Daily – which is at over 150 episodes and counting!

I’m also the founder of Boom Click Boot Camp, which is the world’s only online click track training program, where you can become rock-solid with a click track in just 2 weeks guaranteed.

I also run Pro Drum Academy, which is an online learning experience that teaches you the exact path I, and hundreds of other drummers have followed to become professional musicians. Pro Drum Academy really does teach you everything you need to know in order to become a pro drummer- if you finish the 6-week course, you won’t have any excuse for not becoming a pro drummer!


Selected Discography

I wish I was more organized and kept track of every project that I’ve played on throughout my career. Instead, I’m compiling this list from my (poor) memory. So I’ll add projects to this list as I remember them. These are some of the projects that stick out in my mind and that I’m most proud of.

All Sons & Daughters – Poets & Saints (Nominated for 2017 Grammy Award)

The Rival – Self-Titled (Songs used in TONS of TV and Movies, including an Apple promotion)

Mat & Nicole Crisp – The Union Vol. II

Adam Agin – Rainy Days + Sleepless Nights

Seth Talley – Ready to Live Again

Gileah Taylor – A Crooked Line

Stephen Fryrear – The Badlands