The Pro Musician’s Quadrant

The Clear, Proven Path to Becoming a Professional Drummer

Think becoming a pro drummer is a matter of luck?

It is... if you don't follow this path. Watch the video to learn why most drummers get it wrong when it comes to pursuing a music career, and how you can follow a tested, proven path to becoming a professional drummer.

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From drum head selection and tuning, to recording, mixing and mastering: the SOUND of your drums is inseparable from your playing. Professional drummers master this art, but most people struggle, with it. I'm here to help.


Most drummers assume relationships and networking are important to a pro musician's career. But how do we approach relationships in a way that benefits us, but isn't icky? How do we interact with others on a gig that virtually guarantees they'll want us back?


Of course how we play the drums is important... But professional drummers have figured out that playing increasingly difficult patterns that is the exact opposite of what's needed to establish a music career. But there are skills you need. Here they are...


Believe it or not, it's actually possible to make a great living as a professional musician, even if you aren't playing on a sellout arena tour. I'm living proof of it. But how did I get here? And how can you? There's a path and a plan, and I'll show it to you.