IMPORTANT Update: Closing the Doors to BCBC

Boom Click Boot Camp - Revolutionize how you drum with a click track.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note about something that’s in the works.

Before I tell you, I just want to assure you this isn’t some marketing gimmick. This is the real deal, and there’s a real reason behind it, which I’ll explain in a second:

On April 30, I’ll be closing the doors to Boom Click Boot Camp.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind is that closing the doors only means I won’t be accepting new registrations. If you already have access to BCBC, or if you register before April 30, you will still have LIFETIME access to it and everything it includes.

The SECOND MOST IMPORTANT thing to know is that the doors WILL open again in the future. I’m not sure exactly when (again I’ll explain why in a second), but when they do, the price for BCBC will increase $197.

OK, so I’m going to explain WHY this is happening, but before I do, you can jump in to BCBC at the lowest price it will EVER be by clicking here.

So here’s why I’m closing the doors for now:

I’m working on something HUGE… I mean MASSIVE… I can’t announce what it is, but it is something that most of you have been asking me for, for a very long time (even before I created BCBC). But as part of creating this new “thing”, I have to move BCBC and everything that it contains over to a new technology provider. After researching and putting all the pieces in place, the only “clean” way to make this happen is to hit “pause” on new BCBC registrations for a time, so that I can get everything moved over… There would be nothing worse than getting 3 days into BCBC and have to lose access for a couple of days because I’m moving the site to a new provider.

OK, and here’s why I’m increasing the price to $197 after April 30:

BCBC has grown from this little idea I had and wrote on a whiteboard, to a MASSIVE program. The success has really surprised me, and as confident as I was in the process that BCBC leads you through, I was STILL surprised by how well BCBC actually WORKED for virtually EVERY drummer that’s gone through the course. In fact, as of today, 122 people have signed up for Boom Click Boot Camp. Now you might know that I offer a 30-Day back guarantee on the results from BCBC.

Of the 122 people who have gone through BCBC, I’ve had ONE request for a refund – and that was a person who didn’t understand what the boot camp was about before buying.

BCBC has a 99.18% success rate.

And it’s 2 weeks long.

And it seriously will change your drumming forever.

But through this process I’ve learned that I’m not really interested in working with drummers who aren’t serious about their drumming. And honestly, the most effective way to weed out “musical tire-kickers” is require an investment. If you pay $197 as an investment in your drumming ABILITY (not gear), I can guarantee you are more serious about your drumming than 90% of other drummers out there- and YOU are who I want to work with.

So there it is… On April 30, the doors to BCBC close for a while, and the price will increase to $197.

Now, one day later- on May 1 – I will be announcing that HUGE thing I’ve been working on, as well as a way for you to get a BUNCH of super-high quality drumless backing tracks for FREE. These are the same tracks I’ve created and use for my Instagram videos so check them out for a preview of what you’ll be getting!

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