How to be a “Versatile” Drummer

How to be seen as a versatile drummer

This might surprise you- it surprised me!

When I got fired from my first big gig, I was told it was because they thought of me as more of a “rock drummer” and the artist was going in a different direction. What’s weird is that I knew that I could play way more than just rock- but somehow was never given an opportunity to show that to the artist. Years later, a producer friend of mine originally called me for some “rock” sessions- but then started calling me in for all kinds of different styles of music. So what was the difference between those two situations? In both cases, they originally only gave me an opportunity to play rock music. But in the case of the producer- he saw that I could play more than just rock, while that first artist only saw me as a rock drummer.

Today we’ll discuss the difference-maker in those two situations.

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