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Removing Obstacles to Unlock Your Drumming Potential

Drummer Daily Podcast

Lots of Little Changes can make a Huge Difference! I’ve made lots of clever (if I do say so myself) changes and adjustment to my practice setup over the years. My goal is to make it as easy and quick as possible for me to get into practicing and make the most of every moment […]

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Find the Right Guidance in Your Drumming Career

How to get good music career advice as a drummer

Get the RIGHT Career Advice to Become a Pro Drummer A huge controversy in the drumming world popped up this week… And it brought up an even bigger question I think many of us have asked before: “How can I get advice on my drumming career and trust that it’s the RIGHT advice?” So today […]

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Why Does My Drumming Not “Feel” Good?

There have been SO many times that I’ve heard a recording of my drumming- and something just felt off. It really wasn’t until a producer friend of mine started hiring me to edit my own drum tracks that I figured out why. And what’s crazy is that this exact reason for drumming not “feeling” right is extremely common in […]

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How to be a “Versatile” Drummer

How to be seen as a versatile drummer

This might surprise you- it surprised me! When I got fired from my first big gig, I was told it was because they thought of me as more of a “rock drummer” and the artist was going in a different direction. What’s weird is that I knew that I could play way more than just rock- but […]

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Stop Doing this with a Big Fat Snare Drum

Stop Doing this with Big Fat Snare Drum

So Many Drummers Do This and it’s Driving Me CRAZY! If you have a Big Fat Snare Drum (and even if you don’t) – you need to listen to this episode. So many drummers get caught in this trap with their playing, and doing this with a Big Fat Snare Drum on your snare really […]

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The One Time I Almost Got a Gig I Would’ve Regretted

Don't settle for a bad gig

I really dodged a bullet on this one Have you ever really wanted something- and it didn’t work out? And then later you find out something about that thing you really wanted, that makes you realize you would have been miserable if you had gotten that thing? That happened with me one time- with a drumming gig. I’ll tell […]

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Why I Got That Gig and You Didn’t

How to ace a drum audition

Being the Best Drummer Doesn’t Matter Think being a “better” drummer than everyone else will get you the gig? Wrong. Being the best drummer in your scene is rarely, if ever, the path to success. Today, we’re going to talk about what really matters to the people looking to hire drummers.

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Are You Learning or Just Playing Trivia?

Challenging yourself and growing as a drummer

If You Get It Right the First Time, You Aren’t Challenging Yourself What’s the number one sign that you aren’t growing enough as a drummer? It’s if you aren’t REGULARLY making mistakes in what you’re choosing to play.

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Running Your Drum Career Like a Business

Running your Music Career Like a Business

Most Drummers Miss the Point in This Many of us have heard the advice that we should operate our drumming careers like a business. Based on what I’ve seen, many drummers have taken this advice to heart, but in the wrong ways. So today, I’m going to share with you the RIGHT way to operate […]

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Let’s Talk about Phase in Drum Recordings

Podcast about correcting phase in drum recordings

If you ever record drums with two or more mics- listen up! Let’s talk about something that can seem kind of geeky- phase. Now, if you don’t know what phase is, or why you should care about it- we’re going to break it down in today’s episode. AND- I’m going to tell you exactly how […]

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