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#185: How to Network for Gigs the “Right” Way

Drummer Daily podcast

Do you hate the idea of networking? I’ve never been shy about the fact that I hate “networking”. But I DO believe in being intentional about meeting others in the music business and counting on others to help in our music careers. So, how can you meet others and develop relationships that lead to more […]

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#184: How to Start Charging for Your Drumming

How to start getting paid to play drums

Today Rob writes in and asks about how to transition from playing for free to getting paid for drumming. So, what do you say to someone who says “Why should I pay you now, when you used to play for free? I thought we were friends…”

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#183: Are You a Cool Runnings Type of Drummer?

If you already “feel the rhythm” and “feel the rhyme” – you might be a Cool Runnings type of drummer. But I want to share something with you that I discovered on a recent viewing of one of the greatest movies of all time. Get Boom Click Boot Camp for FREE as part of the […]

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#182: Getting Hired and Fired from My First “Big” Gig

Drummer Daily Podcast

Today I’d thought I’d give you a peek into the internal struggle I went through when I got hired for my first “big-time” gig, and then got fired around a year later. I think the lessons I learned along the way can be helpful to you- whether you’re an aspiring pro drummer, or just want […]

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