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Do This Before You Charge for Drumming

Daily podcast for drummers

I had a conversation with a friend recently who feels that he’s ready to start getting paid for his drumming. I had a few questions for him that I thought he needed to consider before making that move- and I thought you might benefit from considering these same questions.  

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Dealing with Anxiety About Drumming

Drummer Daily podcast

Today we’ll talk about something I’ve never covered on the podcast: anxiety. Now I’ve honestly never felt anxiety directly regarding playing the drums, but I have dealt with anxiety around many other aspects of being a professional musician. So today, I’ll share some practical steps I’ve learned to take to help me deal with anxious […]

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Balancing a Music Career with Family

Daily podcast for drummers

Nathan writes: What insight do you have to offer on balancing the time you spend on tour away from home with spending time with your family? How have you dealt with this aspect of a musical career?  

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Drumming in Unfamiliar Genres

Tips for becoming a pro drummer

Today Bryan writes: I play for 2 different bands…one is a genre that I know fairly well. The other is a genre I really don’t know well. How do I play in a band to a genre I don’t know well, professionally? Should I leave that band until I’m a lot more familiar with the genre?

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Breaking Musical Language Barriers

How to become a professional drummer

Today’s question comes from Chris: Something I’m struggling with right now is working with self taught musicians. I recently got roped into a hardcore band and these guys have no idea how to communicate musically. I finally got a demo and that cleared some things up, but how do break the language barrier?  

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Sometimes It’s Best to Take a Break

Drummer daily podcast

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA for a little while. On today’s episode I’ll explain where I’ve been, and how I’ve used my time away to regain my energy and inspiration for my drumming!  

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How to Stand Out in Your Music Scene

Daily podcast just for drummers

It’s time for another rant… But this time I make sure to circle back and give you some actionable advice on how you can stand out in your music scene and make a name for yourself. And the best part is: it really isn’t that hard!  

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