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#133: How can I record myself playing drums without a ton of gear?

How to record drums with little or no gear

Jeremy writes: “Without all of the high tech video/recording equipment, how am I supposed to get some good footage of my playing? Without videos that I can show prospective employers I feel like i’m stuck…”   Resources mentioned in this episode: Shure SM57 Microphone Shure Motiv Microphones (MV51 and MV88) Rode Rec App Zoom Q2N […]

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#130: When Should I Quit My Day Job?

When should I quit my job and go pro as a drummer?

Listener Declan writes: “At what stage do you need to consider taking the plunge and quitting the day job to pursue a career as a drummer? At the moment I have a very secure job but am just dying to turn this from semi-pro to pro.” I want to apologize- I think the last podcast […]

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#129: Should I Mix and Match Cymbals?

Should I mix and match different kinds of cymbals?

I received a great question from Mitch the other day about mixing and matching different lines and even different brands of cymbals. I thought we’d all benefit from talking about it… Hey there. Welcome back to Drummer Daily. I am so happy you’re here. I say that a lot, and I always mean it. I’m […]

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#126: 3 New Ways to Check Your Drum Tuning

3 Tips for Drum Tuning

One of the hardest parts of tuning drums is even being able to hear the different pitches between the lugs. I know that’s the hardest part for me. So here are three tips for alternative ways to be able to hear those differences, and get much better at tuning drums in the process!   Today we are […]

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#125: The Secret to Finding Inspiration and Creativity on the Drums

Finding inspiration as a drummer

I want to share a secret with you… This is a secret that almost every incredible artist already knows. And it’s something we can use in our drumming to start unlocking our creativity and start playing more INSPIRED parts in our drumming. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying a new method of recording, just to […]

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#124: You’re Better Than You Think Sometimes

You're a better drummer than you think sometimes.

Every once in a while we can surprise ourselves with how good our drumming turned out. This happens in recording situations pretty often. But how can we “hack” this process and make it happen more often? Sometimes in these posts I like to go super deep, and then sometimes I like to keep it simple, […]

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