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#126: 3 New Ways to Check Your Drum Tuning

3 Tips for Drum Tuning

One of the hardest parts of tuning drums is even being able to hear the different pitches between the lugs. I know that’s the hardest part for me. So here are three tips for alternative ways to be able to hear those differences, and get much better at tuning drums in the process!   Today we are […]

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#125: The Secret to Finding Inspiration and Creativity on the Drums

Finding inspiration as a drummer

I want to share a secret with you… This is a secret that almost every incredible artist already knows. And it’s something we can use in our drumming to start unlocking our creativity and start playing more INSPIRED parts in our drumming. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying a new method of recording, just to […]

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#124: You’re Better Than You Think Sometimes

You're a better drummer than you think sometimes.

Every once in a while we can surprise ourselves with how good our drumming turned out. This happens in recording situations pretty often. But how can we “hack” this process and make it happen more often? Sometimes in these posts I like to go super deep, and then sometimes I like to keep it simple, […]

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#123: Stop “Learning” and Start Making Something Happen!

How to stop learning more and more about the drums and start making something happen in your music career.

Are you a “serial learner”? Do you keep bouncing from idea to idea- trying to find the “next thing”? Today I want to offer you some motivation to get started on something- and stop hoarding knowledge… I am sitting behind my drum kit, which always makes me happy. It’s always the most inspiring place for […]

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#122: How I Memorize Songs Quickly

How I quickly memorize songs in the studio when I'm on a drum session.

Years ago I decided that I didn’t want to use charts anymore. It’s tough having my head buried in a chart when I’m trying to pay attention to what’s going on, musically speaking. So I had to come up with a way to memorize patterns quickly. I’m going to share that with you today. And […]

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#121: I Want to Be a Pro Drummer – But Where Do I Even Start?

If I want to be a pro drummer, what are my next steps?

I keep talking about becoming a “professional drummer”. Well what does that mean? And why does it matter how I choose to define “pro drummer”, and why should it matter to you? Well, hey there. Welcome back for more Drummer Daily. I’m so happy you’re here. Today I got a question through, I believe it was […]

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#120: Who is the Best Musician in the Room?

How to be a better drummer by finding the best musician in the room.

Want to instantly make your playing come across as tighter and having more feel- without really changing much of anything in your actual playing? Here’s one way I’ve figured out how to do that (and it pretty much works every time).     This has been a long week for me. I realized, it hit […]

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#119: Help! My Kick Drum Sounds Like a Basketball!

How to fix a kick drum that sounds like a basketball.

A super-common problem many drummers encounter is the dreaded “my kick drum sounds like I’m bouncing a basketball” issue. Here are a few different ideas on how to fix it… Well hey there, welcome back or more Drummer Daily. I’m happy you’re here. My name’s Daniel, and I’m going to be your drum coach for […]

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How to Become a Professional Drummer

Daily Podcast for Drummers

Looking for a clear, proven path for how to become a professional drummer? Great! Because today, I’m going to outline that exact path for you… Hey there. How are you? I am so well. I’m so excited that you’ve come back here again to hang out with me, and I’m super pumped because today is […]

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#117: Better Drumming Through Better Sounding Drums

Daily Podcast for Drummers

Can making your drums sound better (through tuning or mixing/mic’ing) actually make you a better drummer? I think so…   Welcome back for more Drummer Daily. Man, what a week it’s been for me. I hope it’s been a week for you. It’s a week in all caps. Man, it’s been a WEEK. We’ve talked […]

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