Boom Click Boot Camp Beta Update #3

Boom Click Boot Camp - Online training for drummers

Some Important Dates!

We’re making HUGE progress on Boom Click Boot Camp. I want to make you aware of a few upcoming MAJOR dates in the Beta program:

Beta Sign-ups Close on August 15!

We’ll be closing the doors on Beta sign-ups on August 15. If you’ve already signed up for the beta, then you’ve done everything you need to do. If not, click here to sign up before it’s too late!

CHECK Your EMAIL on August 16!
If you’ve signed up for the beta I’ll be sending you an email on Tuesday, August 16 to get a little more info about you and your current level of drumming. I want to make sure people of ALL skill levels make it into the Beta, so the email I send on August 16 will provide you a way to let me know where you’re at!

My current goal is to LAUNCH the beta (that means beta participants will be able to start the Boot Camp) on August 29 – that’s only 2 weeks away!

I may or may not have all of the Bonuses ready for the launch of the beta, but I will have the entire 14-day boot camp ready to go on August 29! The good news is once you have access to the beta, you’ll have lifetime access to the Boot Camp and will be able to access all the bonuses as I add them!

Once I’ve selected the group of people who will participate in the beta, I’ll do the two drawings for the year supply of Pro-mark drum sticks!

OK. That’s it for today! Thanks for joining up with me! Hopefully we can all work together to become better drummers and solid foundations for the bands we play in (or DREAM of in)!

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