Boom Click Boot Camp Beta Update #1

Boom Click Boot Camp - Online training for drummers

Today I wanted to send you a quick note on where we’re at with the launch of the BCBC Beta (I like the way that rolls off the tongue).

Daily Plans
Just this morning I wrapped up the DETAILED outline of each day of the bootcamp. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ve managed to make the exercises really FUN and interesting. The method I’m using for BCBC has always been effective, but I wanted to make sure it was fun too- and I think I’ve done that.

We’re Filming!
In less than a week- this Friday, August 5 – my good friend Dan Martinie will be coming to my studio and we will be filming the live drumming portions of this thing! I am SO excited that I will be able to provide you guys with TOP-NOTCH quality in every aspect of the boot camp. Now, the boot camp isn’t going to be just a video of me talking and the drums- it’s going to be a REALLY cool combination of live video, verbal cues, on-screen information and more… I cannot WAIT for you to see it.

BETA Bonuses
I’ve also finalized my plans for all of the extra bonuses I’m going to include in program. As I mentioned before, I will only select a handful of people to participate in the free beta, but I want to make sure that you receive SOMETHING super-valuable just for signing up. I’m thinking of sending EVERYONE who signed up one of the bonuses that are normal only included in the boot camp. I haven’t decided which one yet, but in my next email (sent to everyone who signs up for the Beta), I’ll give you a list of them and a chance to reply and tell me which one YOU would like to receive.

Instagram Sharing!
I’ve had very FEW entries into my Instagram contest. As a reminder, all you have to do is go to the image I posted on Instagram to announce the beta and mention another drummer in the comments. Just for doing that, you’ll be entered to win a SECOND YEAR SUPPLY OF Pro-Mark drum sticks (you also entered to win a year supply of drum sticks just for signing up for the Beta).

To make it easy, just click here and comment on the photo, making sure to @mention another drummer.

I am so excited about all that is in store for us together as drummers. My hope is to provide you with great tools and skills that will actually get you HIRED as a drummer – or have other musicians desperate to play with you!

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