Boom Click Boot Camp Beta Update #1

Boom Click Boot Camp - Online training for drummers

Today I wanted to send you a quick note on where we’re at with the launch of the BCBC Beta (I like the way that rolls off the tongue). Daily Plans Just this morning I wrapped up the DETAILED outline of each day of the bootcamp. I don’t want to give too much away, but […]

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7 Essentials to a Thriving Worship Community: Part One

Leading worship can seem like a balancing act sometimes- especially when it comes to some of the more practical facets of the role. Approach it too simply for too long, and you’ll start to feel like you might be missing something, or too much is falling through the cracks. If you start trying to be […]

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What Are We Really Called To?

Scenario 1: The air is thick. You feel electric. The entire worship band is ON. Most of the people in the room have their hands raised, and from your spot on stage you can see some tears streaming down faces. As the worship set comes to a close and you start to pack up, several […]

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