Want to Get Paid for Drumming? Do this…

Artists aren’t looking for better drummers, they’re looking for… If you aren’t approaching your drumming like a business (whether you want to make money from it or not)- you’re missing out on TONS of opportunities that could be within your grasp. Today, we’re going to talk about why you need to stop putting so much […]

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One Difference Between “Making It” and Not

Podcast for Drummers

And it all has to do with rudiments… I’ve noticed one key difference between the players that “make it” as drummers and those that don’t… And it all can be figured out by looking at how each drummer approaches rudiments…

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Use the Same Unfair Advantage as Me

Being a Professional drummer during the coronavirus outbreak

Stuck at Home? Use it as an opportunity. I bet you’ve been forced to work from home this week… So why not take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY to improve your drumming- and maybe even make some progress in your music career?

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Creating Your Own Drumming Opportunities

Making Money from Drumming

What to Do if there isn’t much of a pro-musician scene around you. I know it can be tough if you live in an area where there might be a huge market for paid professional drummers. So, what can you do in those situations to find new opportunities? You CREATE the market! We’ll talk about […]

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Should I Quantize My Drum Recordings?

Let’s dive into the somewhat-controversial subject of time-aligning or quantizing our recorded drum tracks- aka making our timing sound perfect. Should we do it in order to make the best possible recordings- or should we avoid it so that we don’t use it as a crutch and to keep the recordings sounding as natural as […]

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The Solution for Your Drumming Career

How to get drumming gigs when there aren't any shows in your town

Literally nothing should stop you from the musical success you’re seeking- whether that’s being a pro drummer, or just being the best musician you possibly can be. Today, we’re talking about common hurdles to our music careers and the choices we have to make as a result.

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Do This Before You Charge for Drumming

Daily podcast for drummers

I had a conversation with a friend recently who feels that he’s ready to start getting paid for his drumming. I had a few questions for him that I thought he needed to consider before making that move- and I thought you might benefit from considering these same questions.  

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Dealing with Anxiety About Drumming

Drummer Daily podcast

Today we’ll talk about something I’ve never covered on the podcast: anxiety. Now I’ve honestly never felt anxiety directly regarding playing the drums, but I have dealt with anxiety around many other aspects of being a professional musician. So today, I’ll share some practical steps I’ve learned to take to help me deal with anxious […]

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