#150: You Don’t Get to Give Up!

Daily podcast for drummers who want to become professional drummers

Today is a very special episode of Drummer Daily. I want to share a special message with you. If you’re feeling like your pursuit of becoming a pro drummer isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, or you’re feeling frustrated with a lack of progress in your playing- this episode is for you! Here’s the […]

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#149: Why Would Anyone Hire a Remote Session Drummer?

How to become a professional drummer.

Why in the world would a music producer hire a drummer who lives across the globe to provide studio drum tracks when he can hire a local pro drummer and have him in the studio within 30 minutes? Great question- and it’s one worth exploring… Let’s get into it…  

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#148: How Can I Get Started in the Music Business as a Drummer?

Daily Podcast for Drummers - Drummer Daily

Listener Harrison writes in: “I want to know how to get in the industry. I really want this career but I don’t know what to do.” Other resources mentioned in this episode: Episode about defining success and setting goals: http://www.danielhadaway.com/121/ The Pro Musician’s Quadrant: http://www.danielhadaway.com/pmq/

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#143: How Do You Actually Make Money Playing Drums?

Daniel Hadaway - The drum coach

Samuele writes: “I’ve always dreamed to make my passion (playing drums) a job but I never understood how could I live from that, I mean what’s the way to take to get money by playing the drums?” Great question and I’ve got a great answer.    

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#142: It’s Not Perfect But It Counts

Daily podcast for drummers.

Sometimes, when it comes to our drumming and practice, it’s not going to be exactly “right” in every way. When we identify those moments as they happen, we can choose to just “show up” and do the work, knowing that it still counts as progress, or we can do nothing at all…  

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