#172: The Money Perils of Being a Pro Musician

Daily podcast for drummers

Many drummers who DO “make it” as a pro aren’t prepared for the drastic swings in income month-to-month and as a result find themselves working 2 or 3 extra jobs just to support their “career” as a drummer. Why does this happen and how can you prevent it? Let’s talk about it today on Drummer […]

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#167: Does your drumming have this one fatal flaw?

Daily drums podcast

I’m not super-dogmatic about HOW you should play the drums. I’m all about personal creativity and finding something that works for you. However- there are a couple of aspects of playing the drums that I feel should be non-negotiable… And I want to talk about one of those today.  

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#166: How’s Your Drum Diet?

Daily drumming podcast

I recently got roped into another Facebook thread where I witnessed a ton of other drummers giving someone TERRIBLE advice- and it all relates to how we look at our “drum diet”. I’ll explain in today’s episode.  

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#165: Don’t Give Them What They’re Asking For

Daily podcast just for drummers

I’ve made a career out of NOT giving producers and artists what they’re asking for. In fact, I think this one aspect of my approach is probably the most responsible for my music career. So how can you make a career out of giving people something different than what they ask for? Listen to find […]

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#164: What’s Your 4-Minute Mile?

podcast for drummers

A lot of things in music might be considered “impossible” until they aren’t impossible anymore. Whether it’s a specific technique or lick in your drumming, or your overall pursuit of becoming a paid professional, diligently pursuing your own “4-minute mile” is the only you’ll find true success as a musician.

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#163: How to Strategically Network and Promote Yourself

Daily podcast for drums

I get a lot of questions about meeting the right people, and once we meet them- how to “work” the relationship in order to advance our pro drumming careers. Here’s my advice about how to approach those situations, and some tips for promoting yourself as a pro drummer.

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