The Key to Becoming a Pro Drummer

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Today we hear from Bradley who asks: What is the main key to becoming a pro drummer?


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Greg Ganeles October 22, 2019

Hey Daniel. I recently discovered your website and podcast. Thanks for doing what you do! I’m a drummer (26 years) living in Minneapolis, MN. Drumming is all I want to do, and I’d like to drum at the professional level for an established band- whether I’m hired into one, or I join an up-and-coming band that has the potential for fame, record deals, and touring, etc. What advice can you give me? I’m 31 years old, and don’t make a lot of money right now. But I’m serious about turning drumming into a career. Any advice helps. Check out my first drum video on youtube: I plan to upload more videos of better quality in the near future. I want to make my dream a reality as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and advice. -Gregory Ganeles

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