Starving Artist? Not Necessarily…

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Let’s talk about the myth of the “starving artist”… Now, it’s certainly not a myth for everyone- there are plenty of starving artists out there- but if you’re a drummer who hasn’t “hit it big”, you certainly shouldn’t count yourself as beholden to a life of poverty.

The book I’m sharing with you today- Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins (Amazon Link) – talks exactly about this idea.

Did you know that the great Michelangelo was extremely wealthy? Well I didn’t, until I read this book. Jeff shows example after example of artists who didn’t buy into the “starving artist” mentality and how any artist can find new ways of generating income that can result in us as musicians not only surviving on music, but thriving. Based on what I learned in this book, I’ve been able to move beyond surviving- and I believe you can too!

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