You Gotta Play the Bad Notes to Get to the Good Ones!

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In part 2 of our series on my recommended books for drummers, let’s talk about what your job is as an artist (you do know you’re an artist right?). We’re going to take a look at The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (Amazon Link).

If you’ve ever struggled to “stick with it” in your drumming, or if you’ve ever felt like a MAJORITY of the music you create isn’t very good (that’s certainly how I feel)- this book is for you. The War of Art reveals the secrets that EVERY great artist eventually learns. My favorite takeaway from this book is something I employ every day- your job as an artist (read: as a DRUMMER) is to simply create art (music). An artist is an artist because he or she creates art… It’s not necessarily all good art- in fact MOST art created by even the best artists of our generation is not very good. But great artists understand the value in showing up every day and creating something. It’s in this discipline that your creative genius (which everyone has) is given the pathway to emerge.


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