#156: How NOT to Get Hired for More Gigs…

Daily Drummer Podcast

So you want to get hired for more gigs… You probably need a website, a super-cool bio, maybe some press photos, and an online calendar that shows how busy you are and a way for people to book your time, right? WRONG!!!

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(2) comments

Thomas Reinholz December 11, 2017

Hi Daniel,

nice and interesting podcast!

but I feel like you are very focused on the “time booking” aspect on a website without talking about and other pros or cons.

You say that it is people who come across you that book you – but can’t a website be helpful for exactly that?

Let’s say you meet someone briefly at a session or gig, exchange fb/numbers/cards and he checks out your website to find out more and get some more info about you and THEN decides to hire you?

Would you recommend not having a website at all then?

    admin December 11, 2017

    Thanks for commenting Thomas! You’re right. I probably over-focused on the booking side of websites… I guess that’s just from my own experience looking at other drummers’ website and feeling like they took a very “commercial” approach to getting people to book you.

    In the scenario you describe, I would still expect the other person to prefer booking you interpersonally… Even being presented with the possibility of Booking a musician through a “shopping cart” experience would severely lower my expectations of what that musician might bring to the table.

    But I do agree that a website would still be useful as an online card/portfolio.

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