#143: How Do You Actually Make Money Playing Drums?

Daniel Hadaway - The drum coach

Samuele writes: “I’ve always dreamed to make my passion (playing drums) a job but I never understood how could I live from that, I mean what’s the way to take to get by the drums?”

Great question and I’ve got a great answer.


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Sterling August 15, 2017

Good Advice.
People don’t know that you’re a drummer if they don’t see you drumming. Make your presence known. I know guys who average drummers but great networkers. Also, a lot of people will value professionalism over flashy drumming. Be prompt and be prepared for gigs. This will build your reputation in a positive way.
I get offered paying gigs whenever I play open mics. I also used to host an open mic for a few years. If you host you make money and make connections that might lead to other paying gigs.
Additionally, you WILL need to play covers to make money as a live drummer. I play in paying bands that play originals, but there has to be an equal or greater amount of covers in the setlist.

Sorry to be long winded, but I can really relate to this topic.

Keep up the good work.

    admin August 16, 2017

    Hey Sterling! Thanks for the comment and for the encouragement! Being prepared for gigs is definitely another piece of the puzzle that I see a lot of drummers miss out on- so it’s good to see you mention that as well!

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