#123: Stop “Learning” and Start Making Something Happen!

How to stop learning more and more about the drums and start making something happen in your music career.

Are you a “serial learner”? Do you keep bouncing from idea to idea- trying to find the “next thing”? Today I want to offer you some motivation to get started on something- and stop hoarding knowledge…

I am sitting behind my drum kit, which always makes me happy. It’s always the most inspiring place for me to be, especially when talking about drum stuff. Whether you’re sitting at your desk or in your car or on the treadmill, kudos to you by the way from the treadmill. I think I’m going to go out and mow my lawn here in a minute and that’s my exercise for the week, other than drums of course, that’s a pretty good workout sometimes. No matter where you’re sitting, I’m sitting behind the drums so that maybe I can channel some inspiration to you wherever you’re at and maybe you’re itching to get back behind the drum kit. If you are, I’m excited for you that you’re going to do that. Anyway, thanks for joining me today.

Today I want to give you a kick in the pants if you need it and if you don’t need it, you’re still going to get it. I want to tell you a story, I used to work in marketing, my day job. In fact, a previous episode here recently I actually mentioned that I had a day job, well that was in marketing. A big part of marketing or really in any world, you’ve probably seen some of this stuff, there’s a lot of online training materials you can go through, there’s a lot of conferences you can go to for entrepreneurs, marketing people, things like that. There’s all kinds of stuff always, always out there. I don’t want to be too specific here so I’m trying my best not to be, there are some people that I’ve worked with before who are voices of authority in that world. They have a following, they write books, things like that, and they’re fairly well known and followed for business advice, career advice, entrepreneurship advice, things like that. I used to help this person out quite a bit with their stuff and he would have these conferences, these in person conferences that he would run fairly regularly. I’d go help him with some of these events and I would go there and I started realizing that I would see the same people over and over again at these events.

Now keep in mind, these events were all the same, does that make sense? It was every six months or so, we’re going to have this event. The idea was that new people would come to these things, different people because you come to the conference once and you’ve got the information, you’ve got the stuff. He would have this conference and I started noticing there was a handful of people who were the same every time and they were coming. The speakers didn’t change, the content didn’t change, they kept coming. Eventually, I had to find out on my own, I brought it up to him, I said “I’ve noticed these people keep coming. What’s up with that?” He finally said “You know what? There’s a certain percentage of people that get really addicted to learning or trying to find that next great thing.” What that means is they’re constantly feeling like if they knew the secret, if they knew the one thing or they don’t already know it and if they could find it or they heard it one more time that it would magically happen for them without having to put in the effort.

There are people who are serial learners or serial knowledge hoarders, I would say, because hoarding is you collect things you don’t actually use or you keep a lot of things you don’t need and you don’t use. Different than collecting, I guess but you keep a lot of things that you’re not ever going to use and you don’t have any plan for it and they don’t really mean anything to you. I think there are a lot of people who hoard knowledge. Definitely this is true in the drumming world but I think it exhibits itself in a different way and that is I know people personally who will spend hours trying to watch instructional videos through all these different websites on drumming, on playing. They want to be professional drummers and they sit and watch. It’s like you spend all this time watching instead of practicing or working on all these other things that actually matter to becoming a professional. You spend all this time watching and dreaming and thinking about what it would be like to be that person. Which is great motivation but if you don’t actually ever do anything, you’re hoarding the knowledge, you’re drifting off in your imagination and you’re not actually going to do anything to execute all that.

You’re kicking the tires, you’re a constant tire kicker I guess is what I’d say. I want to encourage you today that if that’s you, get off your rear end and do something. Don’t keep watching and acquiring knowledge, take some of the things that I’m teaching in this and actually try to do them. You might be surprised how quickly you can get results if you do that. An example from my personal life is this, you might know that I have something called Boom Click Boot Camp which is an online, it’s not really a course, it’s more of a tool that you can use and go through in two weeks to get really great at playing with a click track. That came out as I recorded this a little less than a year ago. I think it’s been pretty darn successful, I’ve been really happy with how many people have gone through it but what you may not know is I had the idea for that, gosh, it had to have been a few years. Before that, I had the idea of creating something for other drummers to use. Now, I’ve been using the method that I use in that for a while with other drummers personally and I’d used it for myself for a while.

I had the idea for a while and I kept thinking what would it be like to do this, what would it be like to do this? But never actually did it. I realized I identified myself as you know what? I am kicking the tires constantly in my own head with this thing. The only way that I’m going to actually do anything is if I put a little bit of pressure on myself. What I did was I created a little bit of an outline for it, what the different exercises were each day but then I put it out there. I announced the deadline, I announced to the world through my Instagram and other social media channels, this is when I’m going to do this thing. All of a sudden, other people expected it from me by then so I was like uh oh, I got to make this thing actually happen. Which for me in the end was the most gratifying thing in the world because it was one of the first major, major, major, major undertakings like that that I had actually seen through to completion and actually gotten some success from. I was able to impact so many more people doing it this way than continually teaching it one-on-one through lessons and other things like that.

It’s been so gratifying to finally have that become a reality but it never would’ve happened if I kept kicking the tires. I put a deadline on myself and made it happen by that deadline. I want to encourage you, don’t be a serial learner, don’t be a tire kicker. Take this podcast, the things that I’m saying here. I really do feel like I try to put some of my best stuff in here for free for you to take. I’m not trying to sell you anything right now, I want you to take what you’ve already learned and maybe go do some of those things, try some of them out. Do something to try to advance your career as a drummer if you’re not already. Don’t sit and do the same old things over and over again thinking that something is going to come in from the outside and change your world. You have to make your own opportunities, you have to create your own opportunities, and if you’re not the one who’s going to do the work to make it happen, Santa Claus is not going to knock on your door and deliver a music career to you. You have to go out and find it and make it and I want to help you. I want to walk you through all of it, but you need to be willing to take those steps in order to make that a reality for yourself.

Take this kick in the pants and go out and make something happen. I hope that this inspires you, I don’t want to discourage you, I want you to be inspired to go make this happen. I went out and made something happen and I am reaping the benefits now. I know hundreds of other musicians who have done the same thing, there’s a clear path to getting there but you need to take the steps to actually walk down that path. I can provide you the path, I can provide you the outline, but you need to actually take those steps. I want you to start doing that today. Thanks for joining me and we’ll talk again really soon.


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